How Much Money Would Patriots Bettors Have Made Since 2000?

How Much Money Would Patriots Bettors Have Made Since 2000?
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There is an old saying in the gambling world. Not one founded in this new gambling world, full of legalized, regulated gaming, including incoming sports betting in Massachusetts.

A saying that goes back as far as one can remember. There are books titled after it. Shirts titled after it. Coffee mugs imprinted with it. The list goes on. ‘Good Teams Win. Great Teams Cover.’ 

A simple saying, yet one that anyone outside the gambling sphere of life likely won’t understand. But if you’ve gotten ready for MA sports betting apps by making even one bet on a football game, let alone hundreds or thousands, you know EXACTLY what it means.

Good Teams Win. Great Teams Cover. 

There has to be something to that phrase. Everyone knows that the New England Patriots have been a good football team for a long time. Since the turn of the century there has been success after success, playoff season after playoff season, Super Bowl after Super Bowl. That’s a good team. 

BetMassachusetts decided to take a look at the team's record since 2000 and decide if, in the eyes of a long time sports gambler, New England has been a good team or a great team.

And remember, Massachusetts retail sports betting is set to launch on Jan. 31 and online sportsbooks some time in March.

Eye Of The Beholder

Of course, you would have a hard time convincing anyone that the New England Patriots have been anything but a great football team over the past 20-odd years. They’ve done nothing but win. 

From the perspective of a gambler, that is often not enough. 

It’s not enough for a gambler to see the New England Patriots host a divisional opponent and win as a heavy favorite. There’s no money to be made betting a -550 line for the host to win. The money is made not when they win, but when they cover. The gambler wants to see the Patriots win by 14 points and cover the -13.5 point spread at much better odds of -110.

BetMassachusetts utilized to acquire the betting odds and history of all Patriots games and Super Bowl futures since 2000. All futures and spreads were standardized to represent the results of a $100 bettor and a (-110) average bet for ATS. 

All Super Bowl odds were taken from the day before the NFL regular season. When the 2023 NFL season gets underway, keep it here at BetMassachusetts for more Patriots coverage, as well as the best Massachusetts sportsbook promos.

Betting History of Patriots Since 2000 (Following a $100 Bettor)

Type of BetTotal Money
$ Made on Game Bets (Against the Spread)*$4,780
$ Made On Super Bowl Bets (To Win Championship) $8,250
Overall $ Made$13,030
Spread bets were standardized to the average -110 bet

Proof Is In The Pudding

To no surprise, $100 would have made significant money betting on New England to win the Super Bowl. With six championships since 2000, a futures bettor would have made $8,250 betting on the Patriots to win prior to each season. That's a figure to keep in mind when heading to DraftKings Sportsbook Massachusetts later this year.

The spread bettors also found themselves on the right side of the ledger more often than not, as a $100 bettor would have made $4,780 since 2000 betting on the New England Patriots to cover the spread. This shows that not only were the Patriots winning most of their games, they were also outperforming the oddsmakers and winning games by more than expected (or, in some rare cases, losing by less than they were expected to).

Oddsmakers have long been known as some of the sharpest minds in the game, and consistently outperforming their expectations over the past 22 years is no small feat. Oddsmakers at soon-to-be-legal books Caesars Sportsbook Massachusetts would've been tearing their hair out trying to set odds for this squad. 

Good teams win. Pretty simple logic there and anyone can see that the Patriots under Bill Belichick (and mostly Tom Brady) have been a good team. 

Diving into the numbers has shown that they not only win more often than not, they cover the spread more often than not as well. Great teams cover, and after looking into the stats, it becomes clear that the New England Patriots have certainly been great since 2000.



Cecil Peters is a Senior Betting Analyst for A professional sports bettor in Canada, Cecil specializes in analyzing the latest odds impacting professional sports teams across North America.

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