Futures Betting in Massachusetts: A Complete Guide to Get You Started

One of the great things about Massachusetts sportsbooks is the variety of betting options they now have to offer sports bettors.

While it may seem like a daunting task learning about different bet types and how to effectively use them, sports betting in Massachusetts is in fact quite simple. In this article, we'll take a look at how to bet on some of your favorite sporting events through futures betting.

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What is a Futures Bet in Massachusetts? 

As the name suggests, futures betting is a bet placed on an event that takes place in the future. Whether you're using Massachusetts betting apps, online sites or retail sportsbooks, these will be a popular option.

While it is true that technically all sports bets are on events that have yet to occur, a futures bet takes this a step further and allows bettors to wager on games far in advance. Futures are most frequently available for the most popular sporting events of the year.

Futures Betting Examples for Massachusetts Bettors

Futures are most often offered by sports betting operators such as Caesars Sportsbook Massachusetts for highly anticipated and widely popular sporting events. These include:

  • The NFL Super Bowl
  • The MLB World Series
  • The NBA Finals
  • The NHL Stanley Cup Finals
  • College Basketball March Madness

How to Read Futures Odds in Massachusetts 

Before placing any Massachusetts futures bet, it is important to be able to read futures odds and understand what they mean.

Plus Odds (+)

Plus odds indicate the underdog or less likely outcome. Because the sportsbook believes there is a lower chance of a plus odds team or outcome succeeding, betting on the underdog means a greater payout. Higher risk results in a higher reward.

Minus Odds (-)

Minus odds indicate the favorite outcome. This means that there is a higher likelihood of the team or outcome succeeding. Placing a bet on the favorite can still earn you money, but this option is not as lucrative as betting on the underdog.

Mass Futures Betting Can Be Lucrative

One reason why sports betting futures are so popular is because of how lucrative they can be. A future requires the bettor to make a prediction about an event far in advance. This means that this bet type is inherently riskier since there is far more time for something that could occur to alter the odds of the outcome occurring. With an increased risk, however, comes a greater reward.

One way to reduce the risk associated with a futures bet is through the use of Massachusetts sports betting promos. There are a variety of different promotions that sportsbooks in MA have made available that can apply to placing futures bets. Remember, you should never feel pressure to place a bet if you are not comfortable with the odds or feel it is too risky.

When Do I Get Paid for a Futures Bet in Massachusetts?

The time it takes to get paid out for a winning future bet will largely depend on which sportsbook you are using and the specific banking method that you opt for. Of course, you will first have to wait until the game you bet on has taken place, regardless of if you're using BetMGM Massachusetts or other sportsbooks.

At the end of the match, if the bet is successful, you will see your winnings appear in your account. At this time, you can request a withdrawal. The top sportsbooks in Massachusetts are excellent when it comes to receiving a quick payout. Most often, you can expect to receive a payment within one to two business days.

Popular Futures Bets to Make in Massachusetts

Futures markets are diverse and encompass a wide range of sports and other events. You can expect to find futures betting options available for the most highly anticipated and popular sporting events of the year.

  • NFL Futures Bets

    The NFL is perhaps the largest futures market in Massachusetts. The Super Bowl, being one of the most popular sporting events of the year, is a widely popular futures betting option. Aside from the Super Bowl, residents of Massachusetts can look forward to betting futures on New England Patriots regular season games as well.

  • NBA Futures Bets

    Fans of professional basketball will find many NBA futures options on Massachusetts sportsbooks. Sports betting sites in MA offer great futures odds for NBA games. If you are confident in the Boston Celtics, NBA futures might be for you.

  • MLB Futures Bets

    Futures betting is also commonly available for MLB games. The World Series is often the subject of great anticipation and speculation. Certain sportsbooks will offer MLB regular season futures, including Boston Red Sox games.

  • NHL Futures Bets

    Sportsbooks in MA have exciting futures odds for the NHL. The Boston Bruins have a solid record in the league, making them a great option for futures betting. Futures can be placed for the Stanley Cup Finals in addition to many games.

  • College Football Futures Bets

    Futures don’t only apply to professional league sports. College football fans in MA will be glad to hear that most MA sportsbooks offer college sports betting. This means bettors can find their favorite teams from colleges nationwide, however, MA residents are forbidden from betting on in-state college teams.

  • College Basketball Futures Bets

    Some Massachusetts sportsbooks offer college basketball futures. The Boston College Eagles are among a number of popular college basketball teams in the state. Futures are frequently available for March Madness.

Other Futures Markets

In addition to the sports mentioned above, there are many other futures markets offered by sportsbooks in the state, such as WynnBet Massachusetts. No matter what sport you are a fan of, there’s a good chance a sportsbook will have some intriguing betting options for you. This includes golf, tennis, soccer, and more. Some MA bettors might also be interested in political futures, though these are rarely available on Massachusetts sportsbooks.

Where Can I Make a Futures Bet in Massachusetts? 

A futures bet can be placed on most sportsbooks in MA. This includes both sports betting sites and apps such as DraftKings Massachusetts. That being said, each online sportsbook in the state will have slightly different offerings when it comes to which sports are offered and the futures odds associated. It is always recommended to check out a handful of online sportsbooks to find the ones that suit you the best.

Our Top Site for Massachusetts Futures Bets: FanDuel Sportsbook

Our top pick for betting futures is FanDuel Massachusetts Sportsbook. FanDuel has proven itself to be a leader in the online sports betting industry for a variety of reasons, including great odds, sports variety, and commitment to promoting responsible gaming. When it comes to futures, FanDuel consistently offers this bet type for a great variety of games, across different sports, with great betting odds. This includes some of the most popular sporting events of the year such as March Madness and the Super Bowl.

Massachusetts Futures Betting Strategy For Bettors

Bet to Your Strengths

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when betting futures or any sports bet for that matter is to feel confident in your wager. You will find yourself to be far more successful if you bet on sports that you are very familiar with and passionate about. It is easier to predict sports outcomes when you know the game well.

Do Your Research

Before placing a future bet, it is always a good idea to do some background research to make sure you are up to date on the latest sports trends and news. While it can be tempting to simply place bets on your favorite teams, it is not advisable to let personal bias dictate where you place your money. Never make a betting decision that is uninformed.

Shop Different Massachusetts Sportsbooks for the Best Value

Each online sportsbook in Massachusetts is different. Betting odds, available sports, and payout options are all things that can vary, whether it's a site or app such as or any otthers. This is why we recommend bettors sign up for multiple online sportsbooks to get the best futures odds. As an added bonus, many sportsbooks offer new user signup promotions that can give new MA bettors an additional edge when betting futures.

Have Fun!

While it sounds cliché, at the end of the day, sports betting should be about having fun. Betting futures provides an exciting way for you and your friends to bet on some of your favorite upcoming sporting events. Remember to enjoy the process no matter whether you win or lose.

Pros & Cons of Futures Betting in Massachusetts

As is the case with any bet type, there are pros and cons to placing a futures bet in Massachusetts. It is important to consider these factors before placing any bet.


✔ Lucrative payouts: Sportsbooks in MA offer great betting odds for futures. This means that a successful future bet can earn the bettor some serious winnings.

✔ Variety of Sports: Betting futures can be done on a great range of different sports throughout the year on Massachusetts sportsbooks. This includes the regular season and playoff games. From the NCAA tournament to the NBA finals and even the Super Bowl, there is no shortage of options when it comes to futures.


❌ Long waiting time: The whole point of a future is that the bet must be placed far in advance of the actual event. If you are looking for instant gratification, futures betting may not be for you. While current futures odds in MA are great, betting futures requires patience.

❌ Greater uncertainty: Futures can be a risky bet type due to the fact that the event takes place so far from the moment the bet is placed. There is more time for any number of factors to alter the odds of the expected outcome of the bettor to occur.

Get Started Futures Betting in Massachusetts

Betting futures is a fun and lucrative betting option available on most sportsbooks in Massachusetts, including big names in the industry like BetMGM Massachusetts. Most sportsbooks offer futures for a good number of sports, from professional league baseball to college football. While futures require money to be tied up for longer with a greater degree of uncertainty, a successful future bet can return a large payout. When betting futures, remember to do background research and shop around for the best betting odds. Never place a bet that you are not comfortable with.

Futures Betting in Massachusetts FAQ 


Stefan Krysa is a freelance sports writer based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Born in the U.S. and raised in Canada, he is an avid sports fan, and is committed to providing up-to-date information regarding sports betting in Massachusetts for BetMassachusetts.com.

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