What is a Prop Bet? Complete Prop Betting Guide for Massachusetts Bettors

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You may have heard the term prop bet before, whether it be your friend telling you about one they hit or around the Super Bowl when they are very common. There is a reason for this popularity; prop bets can hook gamblers because of their uniqueness and often large payouts among Massachusetts sports betting sites and apps.

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Massachusetts bettors must be 21+ and present to place wagers in the state. Play it smart from the start! GameSenseMA.com or call 1-800-GAM-1234. Gambling problem in Massachusetts? Call 1-800-327-5050 to speak with a trained specialist free and confidentially 24/7. Full T&Cs apply.

What is a Prop Bet?

Prop bets are a fun way to interact with the sports you love without being tied to the final score. Prop bets, short for proposition bets, differ from other bets by having nothing to do with the outcome of the game. And some sportsbooks are expected to offer unique Massachusetts betting bonuses that concern prop bets as well. 

In basketball, for example, moneyline and total bets would be decided by who won and what the final score was. A basketball prop bet, on the other hand, would have to do with specific aspects during the game.


Examples of Prop Bets

The best way to explain prop bets is by providing specific examples of common prop bets that players will find on almost every game. Here are some popular types:

🏈 Football Prop BetsWhich Team To Rush For More Yards
πŸ€ Basketball Prop BetsWhich Team Will Win The First Quarter
πŸ’ Hockey Prop BetsWhich Team Will Have More Penalties
⚾️ Baseball Prop BetsWhich Team Will Have More Strikeouts

Fun vs. Skilled Prop Bets

There are two main types of prop bets offered by mobile sports betting apps in Massachusetts and sites: skilled and fun/exotic prop bets. Skilled prop bets are the type you will most encounter and usually have to do with some part of the gameplay. Fun prop bets, or novelty props, usually consist of betting on something that doesn't have to do with the gameplay at all and is especially popular for big events like Super Bowls.

Skilled Prop Bet Examples

  • How many touchdowns will Mac Jones throw in a game
  • Player to score first in the Boston Bruins vs. Florida Panthers game
  • How many team turnovers will the Boston Celtics have

Fun Prop Bet Examples

  • What color will the Gatorade be that's poured on the Super Bowl winning coach
  • Will the Super Bowl coin toss be heads or tails
  • What will be the first commercial shown during the Super Bowl

Player Props

Skill-based props are broken down into two main types player props and game props. First, we will take a look at player props. Player props are concerned with specific player performances and statistics. The most popular and common player prop bets usually revolve around individual players scoring, whether it be points, touchdowns, goals, or runs. The simplest player props are usually for a player to reach a certain milestone in a game. For example, Bet MGM Massachusetts may offer a prop like "will Patrick Mahomes throw for two or more touchdowns?"

Player prop bets can become more complicated, like when props pit players against each other. An example of a player vs player prop bet is who will score more points in a game: Joel Embiid or Jayson Tatum. Another example of a more unique player prop is the combined prop. The most common type of this prop is the combined points rebound assists prop. An example of this is, will Jaylen Brown have over/under 29.5 combined points, rebounds, and assists? Here are more examples of player props.

Player Prop Examples

  • Marcus Smart O/U 1.5 Steals in a game
  • Anthony Davis to record a triple-double: Yes +800 No -750
  • Justin Turner O/U 1.5 Hits in a game

Game Props

While player props are concerned with certain player performance, game props, as the name suggests, are concerned with general game or team occurrences. Game props can involve just about any aspect of the game, which makes them very popular. A very general example of a game prop bet would be if Caesars Sportsbook offers "what will the first play of an NFL game be?" Another example is which team will score 10 points first.

Keep in mind, there may be a Caesars Massachusetts Sportsbook promotion that allows boosted odds or bonus bets for prop bets.

Game props can even be broken down into quarters, half, inning, or period bets. Using our previous example, a derivative game prop would be, What will the first play of the 2nd quarter be? Game props are usually offered in either moneyline, totals, or yes/no formats. Below we will give an example of each format.

Game Prop Examples

  • Team to score first: New England or Buffalo
  • New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills: Longest touchdown O/U 44.5
  • Will the opening kickoff result in a touchback: Yes/No

Why You Should Be Betting Props in Massachusetts

Prop bets provide many advantages over traditional bets, like money lines and game totals. The three main reasons you should be betting on props in Massachusetts include flexibility, potential winnings, and entertainment. Let's take a look at these examples.

Prop Bets are Flexible

Prop bets provide flexibility that you don't get with point spread and money line wagers. If you place one of those bets with a sportsbook like WynnBET Massachusetts, you are stuck cheering for that one team for the whole game. When you place a prop bet, David Pastrnak, to score a goal, for example, that wager doesn't affect any other part of the game. On top of that, you can place multiple prop bets on a game without them conflicting with one another. If you were to place a moneyline wager, you are not as flexible.

Double Your Money

Prop odds offer huge potential returns because they are hard to predict but also hard for sportsbooks to set odds for. For example, if you are feeling very good about Jaylen Brown's upcoming game against the Philadelphia 76ers, you could generate huge returns on his prop bets. By placing a wager on Jaylen Brown over in any of his stat categories with a sports betting app like FanDuel MA sportsbook , you could potentially double your money, winning more the more props you place on him.

Prop Bets are Simple (and Fun)

One of the best parts about prop bets is their simplicity and the entertainment they provide. Prop bets are displayed in very simple terms so that even someone with no betting knowledge could understand. The feeling of hitting a prop bet is unlike any other and makes them one of the best betting markets.

Prop Betting Strategies

While we just covered all the reasons you should be betting props in Massachusetts, they can still appear confusing and hard to win. Now we will cover some general prop betting strategies that may not guarantee you win but will definitely help you while betting like using the DraftKings Massachusetts promo code. These include bankroll management, focusing on specific sports, and looking for arbitrage.

Bankroll Management

When placing prop bets, and when sports betting in general, bankroll management is one of the most important strategies to sustain yourself. If you start placing large amounts of your bankroll on prop bets, you can lose very quickly. It is better to determine a bet size that you are comfortable with and then place bets that size. Every player has a different bankroll and risk preference, so everyone is different

Specialize in a Specific Sport or Market

Every bettor has their favorite sport. The sport they know and follow better than any other sport. A good props strategy is betting on sports you follow and know a lot about. Another reason for specializing in a sport or market is smart is because as you focus on one area, you may begin to identify trends. If you notice that Robert Williams has gotten 10+ rebounds in his last ten games, but his odds to do so today are +150, it may be a good bet.

Look for Mispriced Odds

Mispriced odds provide players with a great opportunity to win big. Mispriced odds are odds that don't reflect the actual probability of the event happening. When odds are mispriced in the bettor's favor, players have an opportunity to make money. Looking for mispriced odds can be tough, but they are out there.

Common Mistakes in Prop Betting

Now that we have covered what you should do when betting props in Massachusetts let's take a look at what you should avoid doing when prop betting. Common mistakes include overvaluing the narrative, ignoring the vig, and failing to line shop.

Overvaluing the Narrative

Objectivity is extremely important in all sports betting, but especially in prop betting. It is easy to get caught up in public narratives that may sway you to wager one way or another. You may also get caught up in betting on your favorite teams. In both of these circumstances, it is important to take a step back and be objective.

Ignoring the Vigorish (Vig)

The vigorish, or vig as it's commonly called, is the house edge that sportsbooks apply to every wager. The vig is why most odds are priced at -110 instead of +100, the sportsbooks take a cut of every bet. The vig is important to take into account when betting in prop markets.

Failing to Line Shop

There are many sportsbooks in Massachusetts, and they all create odds in their own way. This creates an opportunity for gamblers because sometimes, odds will be different for the same bet at different sportsbooks. This is why line shopping is important. If you find a wager you like is +500 at Sportsbook A and +600 at Sportsbook B, you should use the sportsbook that gives you the highest potential return.

Overextending Your Bankroll

The biggest mistake any gambler can make is overextending their bankroll. You must find your wager comfort zone and consistently make bets that size, or else you can quickly lose your money.

How To Make a Prop Bet in Massachusetts

Let's take an in-depth look at how you can make a prop bet in Massachusetts.

  1. βœ… Sign up or log in to your preferred sportsbook
  2. βœ… Determine which game you would like to wager on
  3. βœ… Navigate to the prop bets page for that game
  4. βœ… Select which wager you like
  5. βœ… Select your wager amount and place it!
  6. βœ… Watch your prop bet unfold

How To Win a Prop Bet in Massachusetts

Winning prop bets can be hard, but by following these simple steps, you can improve your success rate.

  1. βœ… Find a sport or game you have knowledge in
  2. βœ… Find a specific prop bet for that game
  3. βœ… Shop for odds at different sportsbooks
  4. βœ… Place your wager at the book with the best odds
  5. βœ… If the event or occurrence that you wagered on happens, you win!
  6. βœ… Get paid out

How Prop Bets Are Paid in Massachusetts

Prop bets at most sportsbooks will be paid out instantly into your account. Once the funds are in your account, you can withdraw your money. Withdrawal methods depend on the sportsbook, with popular options being PayPal, bank transfer, and cheque.

Popular Prop Bets in Sports

  • NFL Prop Bets NFL props may be one of the most popular betting markets in all of sports, with NFL player props dominating. An example of an NFL prop is will Patrick Mahomes reach 50 rushing yards in a game (+150). If Mahomes gets 50 or more yards in the running game, you would win $150 on a $100 bet.
  • Super Bowl Props The Super Bowl is the biggest night in sports betting, with Super Bowl props being the most popular. Common examples of Super Bowl prop bets include who will be the Super Bowl MVP, how long will the national anthem be, and who will score the most TDs. If Jalen Hurts is +350 to win Super Bowl MVP, you would win $350 on a $100 bet.
  • NBA Prop Bets NBA games are fast-paced with plenty of scoring, making it a great sport to bet props on. Basketball is great because there are numerous stat categories that are tallied and you can wager on each one or a combination of each. A popular NBA prop bet is who will score the first basket because of its high odds. If you placed a wager on Al Horford scoring the first basket at +1000, and he did it, you would win $1000 on a $100 wager.
  • MLB Prop Bets MLB prop bets are not as popular as other sports, but there are still plenty of fun markets. A recently popular MLB prop bet is the no-run first inning or NRFI. It has become popular because the wager is decided in the first inning and you can parlay them with other NRFI's. If you wagered NRFI in the Red Sox vs Yankees game at +110, you would win $110 on a $100 wager if neither team scored a run in the first inning.
  • NHL Prop Bets NHL prop betting is less common than MLB, NBA, and NFL, with sportsbooks sometimes offering few markets. This doesn't mean that NHL prop betting isn't very fun. An example of an NHL prop bet is Charlie Mcavoy first goal scorer at +600. If Charlie Mcavoy scores the first goal in a game, you would win $600 on a $100 bet.
  • College Football Props College Football is quickly becoming one of the most bet-on sports around, but college football prop bets are falling behind. College football prop markets are similar to NFL prop bets but with a smaller selection of bets. Often you will find that some sportsbooks don't offer college football player props. A fun example of a college football prop bet is Boston College to score in every quarter of their game (+110).
  • College Basketball Props Similar to college football, college basketball prop bets are more limited than their professional counterparts. This doesn't mean that there aren't great props to bet on, though. A college basketball prop bet example is will Uconn score more than 45.5 points in the first half?
  • NASCAR Prop Bets So far, we have only talked about team sport prop betting but what about individual sports? Prop betting on Nascar is a great way to make the race more exciting, with sportsbooks offering many props for every race. A Nascar prop bet may be the length of the first caution flag, where you have to determine the minute length of the first caution flag.
  • Horse Racing Prop Bets Similar to Nascar, prop betting on horse racing can prove to make an entertaining sport even more fun. Horse racing props are harder to find because most bets have to do with the end result, making them not prop bets. Since prop bets, cant involve the end result, a horse race prop bet could be about which jockey will win the most races at an event.

What are Some Tips for Successful Prop Betting?

Prop betting can add elements of excitement to your sports-watching experience, but only if you are successful. Following these tips won't guarantee you win, but will improve your chances.

Don't place contradicting wagers.

New bettors can get carried away when first placing prop bets. Placing numerous wagers on the same game, only to find out that half your wagers contradict the others. The best way to avoid this is by mostly wagering on one team and their players.

Shop for the best odds

As we talked about earlier, line shopping is a fantastic way to boost your winnings. If you are confident in a prop bet, you might as well get the best odds on it.

Understand the risks

Prop betting can be very hard as you have to predict the future. Understanding that it is risky and not placing large bets just for the sake of it is important. This way, you can make your money last longer and improve your long-term chances of success.

Get Started Making Prop Bets in Massachusetts

Betting on props in Massachusetts can be confusing when you first begin, but as you become more comfortable with them, they may become your favorite bet type. Prop bets don't just have to be saved for the big game, they can be played on any game in any sport. By following our tips and strategies and avoiding mistakes, we highlighted players will find themselves having more success. Now that you know everything there is to know about props, it's your turn to start betting on them.

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