Putting Tom Brady’s 100K Passing Yards in Perspective

Putting Tom Brady’s 100K Passing Yards in Perspective
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Tom Brady’s record-shattering NFL career eclipsed another previously inconceivable milestone on Sunday night in Tampa.

Brady became the first quarterback in the league’s storied history to throw for more than 100,000 yards, calculating Brady’s regular season and postseason exploits for the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Brady, the hero of Patriots fans who soon will have Massachusetts sports betting, is in his 23rd year in the NFL.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion has thrown for 87,067 yards in 327 regular season games, along with 13,049 yards in the postseason with the two franchises.

The five-time Super Bowl MVP is one of two quarterbacks in NFL history (along with former Saints and Chargers QB Drew Brees) to throw for more than 80,000 regular season yards, while completely redefining the quarterback position since entering the league in 2000.

The numbers are truly mind-boggling. So much so that BetMassachusetts.com broke down how far Brady’s 100,000 yards would go, whether it be by plane, train, or automobile.

Here’s what we found.

How Far Tom Brady’s 100,000 Passing Yards Would Go

As Big/Far AsAmount
From Gillette Stadium to center of Boston2
Boston Marathons2
Empire State Buildings240
Home Runs at Fenway Park*714.3
Football Fields833.3
6-foot-6 Rob Gronkowskis46,147
* — Based on deepest part of Fenway (420 feet)

Calculating at 100,000 yards (the actual number is 100,016 and counting), Brady’s career passing yardage total would amount to 300,000 feet, or 56.8 miles, which is more than two Boston Marathons in length.

To put it in greater context, Brady’s NFL passing yardage would amount to a roundtrip from Foxborough’s Gillette Stadium to Providence, Rhode Island — and roughly the same to the center of the city in Boston as well.

Brady’s yardage over the years is also roughly the length of 714.3 home runs at Fenway Park (when measured from the 420-foot deepest part of the field).

To use a football analogy, Brady’s career NFL yardage sum would equate to the length of 833.3 100-yard football fields.

To put Brady’s career exploits in an international context, his 100,000 yards would equate to the size of 487.8 Roman Colosseums.

Or, if you’re looking for an American comparison, Brady’s yardage total would equate to 240 Empire State buildings, stacked atop each other, which would likely be visible from the parking lot at Gillette Stadium.

These comparisons are all for fun, of course, and won’t be on Massachusetts sportsbook apps when the state launches in 2023.

One more fun comparison: Brady’s total yards would account for 46,147 Ron Gronkowskis, with the soon-to-be Hall of Fame tight end standing at 6-foot-6.

What’s to Come for Tom Brady in 2022-23?

Brady’s current year-to-date stats in Tampa through the (virtual) midway point of the 2022-23 NFL regular season show him on pace to eclipse 5,000 passing yards for the third time in his illustrious run in the league.

Brady would need to stretch it to reach the 5,316 yards he threw for last year, with the former Michigan Wolverine sitting 2,769 yards shy of that figure with eight games to play.

To eclipse that yearly sum, Brady would have to throw for 346.1 yards per game down the stretch, which would be quite the feat for any QB — let alone one who turned 45 on Aug. 3.

Another MVP Award Real Longshot

Brady is on the periphery of being a frontrunner to capture his fourth NFL MVP award this season, with oddsmakers at BetMGM Sportsbook listing him at +12500.

In total, Brady ranks behind Bills QB Josh Allen (+225), Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and Eagles QB Jalen Hurts (+250 apiece), Ravens QB Lamar Jackson (+1000), Bengals QB Joe Burrow and Seahawks QB Geno Smith (+2500 apiece), and the quartet of Kirk Cousins (+3500), Justin Herbert (+4000), TuaTagovailoa (+4000) and Christian McCaffrey (+6600) on BetMGM’s MVP board.

DraftKings Massachusetts has Brady at +10000, tied for 12th among MVP favorites.

As for Brady’s bunch in Tampa, the Bucs’ find themselves at +2000 to win Super Bowl LVII, ranking eighth in the league by that metric. Tampa Bay is also listed at +1000 to win the NFC, which ranks fifth behind Philadelphia (+180), San Francisco (+450), Dallas (+550) and Minnesota (+600).

For now, at least Brady can hang his helmet on shattering another career record that many in the NFL believed impossible, as he looks to guide Tampa Bay back to the postseason for a third consecutive season.

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