Cities with Most Ghost Sightings in State of Massachusetts: Seeing Ghosts in MA

Cities with Most Ghost Sightings in State of Massachusetts: Seeing Ghosts in MA
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Occasionally, pauses from providing news on the best Massachusetts sportsbook promos to look into topics such as the supernatural.

With the help of, our own “Ghostbusters” P.K.E. meter and Paragoggles, and the Ouija Board, we’ve tallied up the cities with the most ghost sightings and determined the odds for you to spot anything spectral

The odds of you seeing a ghost in Massachusetts are actually better than the odds of the Patriots winning the Super Bowl. Now, if only we could get the Ouija Board to predict the games.

Unfortunately, you won’t find these odds with Massachusetts sports betting apps. For this kind of fun, though, your best bet is

The Most Ghostly City

No. 1 on our ghostly list is Lowell, where, according to, there are six spots where you are likely to fulfill your hunt for haunts:

  • At the old Boott Cotton Mill, people have witnessed apparitions of old mill workers fatally injured on the job.
  • A man with a wide-brimmed hat is believed to haunt the Dr. An Wang Middle School, which also has been the site of moving furniture and thrown books.
  • The James S. Daley Middle School is allegedly haunted by a teacher who died in one of the classrooms.
  • The Lowell Cemetery hosts the spooky statue of the “Witch Bonney,” whose ghost is allegedly set free when her stone bodice slips from barely covering her stone bosom to her waist. The statue stands over the grave of Clara Bonney Lilley, who died in 1894.
  • The Lowell Homeless Shelter & Transitional Living Center is believed to be haunted by a former employee who was stabbed in the neck.

Lastly, visitors to the Lowell Memorial Auditorium have sensed the presence of a male spirit, and that’s even when the “Phantom of the Opera” is not playing.

Rounding Out the Top 10

After Lowell, New Bedford is the state’s second most popular ghost sighting spot, followed by North Attleboro, and then Ware and Chicopee are tied for fourth. Tied for sixth are Malden, Danvers and Brockton, with Whitman and Orange tied for ninth.

It’s interesting that the state’s largest city, Boston, doesn’t make the list, but Beantown was haunted by Babe Ruth for darn near a century.

Also, not on the list: Salem, scene of the infamous witch trials, and Fall River, home to the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast.

Ghost sightings in Massachusetts aren’t only from days of yore. cites a recent spotting in Medway, which freaked out a woman and her dog, walking near a grave on Oakland Street. It occurred Sept. 9, 2022.



City Rankings

Methodology: utilized to compile the amount of ghost sightings across the state of Massachusetts. After determining the number of sightings per city, we developed the chance and odds for ghost sightings in each city.

1👻 Lowell593.93%+2445
2👻 New Bedford543.86%+2491
3👻 North Attleboro231.65%+5961
T4👻 Ware221.57%+6269
T4👻 Chicopee221.57%+6269
T6👻 Malden201.43%+6893
T6👻 Danvers201,43%+6893
T6👻 Brockton201.43%+6893
T9👻 Whitman191.36%+7253
T9👻 Orange191.36%+7253

*The chance & odds were developed based on the overall 1,398 ghost sightings in the state of Massachusetts.

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