PointsBet Massachusetts Promo Code & Sportsbook App Review: June 2024

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Massachusetts betting sites are officially live, but PointsBet Massachusetts is not among the sportsbooks accepting wagers. 

In fact, PointsBet has actually been acquired by Fanatics, Inc. There will be no PointsBet in the state, but Fanatics Sportsbook Massachusetts is now live.

PointsBetΒ Massachusetts Promo Code & Sportsbook Launch Updates: June 2024

For now, consider other Massachusetts sportsbook bonus codes, valued at up to $4K in bonus bets.

πŸ“… Launch Date:N/A
✏️ PointsBet Massachusetts Promo Code:N/A
🎁 PointsBet Promo:TBD
🏈 NFL Promo:Lightning Bets
πŸ€ NBA Promo:Live Same Game Parlays
πŸ“² App Ratings:4.7 (iPhone) | 4.7 (Android)
βœ… Last Updated:June 15, 2024
PointsBet Massachusetts Promo Code

PointsBet Massachusetts Sportsbook Legislation & Launch Timeline: February 2023

  • πŸ“† February 23: PointsBet withdraws its sports betting application, and will not be going live when seven legal mobile Massachusetts sportsbooks go live March 10.
  • πŸ“† February 9: The MGC announces that the online sports betting launch date is March 10, 2023. The PointsBet Massachusetts app and betting site are expected to launch in just over a month.
  • πŸ“† February 6: The MGC confirms pre-registration is available ahead of the official launch for select sportsbooks that comply the guidelines laid out by the MGC.
  • πŸ“† January 19: PointsBet Massachusetts receives a mobile sports betting license from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC). The sportsbook begins to prepare for an official launch in the coming months.
  • πŸ“† August 10, 2022: Governor Charlie Baker signs sports betting into law, making it officially legal to wager on sports in the state.
  • πŸ“† January 17, 2019: PointsBet debuts in the US after the sportsbook goes live in New Jersey, its first state of operation.
  • πŸ“† March 2018: PointsBet launches sports betting operations in its home state of Australia, three years after the company was founded.

Is PointsBet Massachusetts Sportsbook Legal?

PointsBet Massachusetts was one of several legal sports betting operators approved to go live, but decided to not launch in early 2023. The brand holds an untethered license, meaning that the sportsbook is online only and not tied to any Massachusetts casino or racetrack. 

When will PointsBet MA go live?

PointsBet has decided to not launch in Massachusetts for the foreseeable future, despite receiving their approval license. For now, keep an eye out for other promos, such as the Caesars Massachusetts welcome bonus.

What is the PointsBet Sportsbook Massachusetts Promo Code?

The PointsBet Massachusetts promo code is TBD. The eventual promo could be valued at $250, but they may actually never go live in the state.

For now, consider the WynnBet Massachusetts promo code.

How to Claim the Promo Code at PointsBet Massachusetts

Once available, all you will need to do is either click through to the app or site with a unique link on this page, or enter the PointsBet Massachusetts promo code when you first sign up. As long as you agree to the terms and conditions of PointsBet Massachusetts when you create an account, you should be able to take advantage of the welcome offer.

What to Know About the Massachusetts PointsBet Promo

The offer we've been seeing most from PointsBet Sportsbook in recent months is the PointsBet Second Chance, which could be good for at total of up to $250 in bet credits. This should be split up into five (5) $50 bet credits.

It's unclear if the PointsBet Massachusetts app and betting site will ever launch.

Latest PointsBet Massachusetts Promos & Bonuses

The promise of up to $250 in bet credits is certainly a tempting welcome bonus. The credit you can claim from the PointsBet Massachusetts promo code might be enough to get you in the door, but it's certainly not the only promotion on deck. Check out these common PointsBet promotions Massachusetts sports bettors may be able to look forward to.

Lightning Bets

Despite being one of the newer features from PointsBet in Massachusetts, it's one of the most used. Lightning Bets allows you to wager on what you believe will take place in the next minute or drive - depending on the match being played. Some of the most popular betting markets in the US (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and Soccer) will allow for this rapid-fire feature, which allows players to bet on the outcome of the next minute, drive, or play depending on what sport they're playing. You can use the PointsBet Massachusetts promos on Lightning Bets.

If you're sick of waiting until the half or the final whistle for your bets to settle, Lightning Bets at PointsBet Massachusetts are definitely worth your attention.

NBA Live Same Game Parlay

A parlay is good, a Same Game Parlay is even better. And now PointsBet lets you combine bets into a Live Same Game Parlay. Don't worry about not locking in your SGP before tip-off, because you'll be able to put it together while the game is in progress. The NBA Live Same Game Parlay is a PointsBet Sportsbook exclusive.


The friend referral is definitely not an exclusive promotion; you're likely to see similar offers from most of the competition. But it's popular for a reason. You'll get a link to send to your friends. When your friends sign up through your link and complete some pretty straightforward requirements, you'll both claim PointsBet bonus credits in your bankroll.

Booster Odds

Another common promotion that many of the top online sportsbooks roll out consists of pushing select betting odds in favor of the bettor. Different operators will call this deal by different things, and at PointsBet Sportsbook, it's called Booster Odds. 

An example would be a boost on Patriots odds to make the playoffs. If they are originally listed at +175, a booster odds promo could move the lines to +200, which would could kick the potential payout up $25 on a $100 wager.

Karma Kommittee

The Karma Kommittee meets at PointsBet to discuss the truly bad breaks that can happen. If you bet the underdog and it goes according to chalk that's on you. But if a devastating injury or a blown call is what makes the difference, tweet to @PointsBetUSA with the hashtag #KarmaKommittee. If the Karma Kommittee rules in your favor the affected wagers will be refunded in bet credits.

PointsBet Massachusetts Partnership Promos

Online sportsbooks commonly partner with local teams and arenas in areas where they operate. This can result in deals for the bettor for playing with a team's betting partner. PointsBet Online Sportsbook has yet to announce partnerships with any teams that play home games in Massachusetts, but they do have overall deals with the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA Tour and La Liga. If they sign on with any of the area teams, we'll keep you informed.

How to Sign Up for a PointsBet Massachusetts Betting Account

Signing up for the PointsBet sports betting app is as easy as it gets, and you should be able to get started soon after the launch in Massachusetts.

  1. βœ… Download the PointsBet mobile app or pull up the site and click "Sign Up"
  2. βœ… This is where you'll type in our promo code.
  3. βœ… Enter your personal info including the last four digits of your SSN.
  4. βœ… Come up with a username, and a password you won't use anywhere else.
  5. βœ… Agree to the PointsBet terms and conditions and confirm your personal data.

Do I Need to Claim the PointsBet Massachusetts Bonus When Signing Up? 

No, you don't need to claim the welcome bonus at PointsBet Massachusetts, or any other of the online sports betting operators. But it can't hurt and could help a lot. If you were going to bet five straight days starting with the day you sign up for an account anyway, wouldn't it be nice to get your first bet of the day refunded to you if it lost? Sure it would, and that's where the PointsBet Mass Promo Code comes in.

Get to Know the PointsBet Sportsbook Mobile App for Massachusetts Bettors

The PointsBet app is a top-notch mobile sports betting experience with all the same betting markets and options as the website. As long as your device is running the latest version of the PointsBet Sportsbook app and its operating system, it should work just fine. You can even claim the PointsBet welcome offer through the app.

Positives of the PointsBet App

βœ”οΈ Sleek design and interface
βœ”οΈ Takes bets quickly, stable software
βœ”οΈ Quick Parlay feature runs beautifully

Negatives of the PointsBet App

❌ Layout can get cluttered sometimes
❌ Log in can be inconvenient

Download PointsBet Betting App

Downloading the PointsBet mobile app to your preferred device is a breeze. All you need to do is make sure your phone or tablet's operating system is up to date and download and install as you normally would from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

PointsBet Apple App Store Rating4.8 out of 5
PointsBet Google Play Rating4.7 out of 5

What iOS Users Are Saying

  • πŸ—£οΈ"All in all, their great customer support and unique betting options is what makes me consider them my favorite book"
  • πŸ—£οΈ"The app itself has functioned flawlessly so far. In terms of the sports book, the list of promotions is never ending and it seems like there is a new one every day."
  • πŸ—£οΈ"Getting any sort of answer out of PointsBet is like pulling teeth and they’re making me jump through hoops just to withdrawal."

What Android Users Are Saying

  • πŸ—£οΈ"Great app, great interface, user friendly, fun to use."
  • πŸ—£οΈ"Overall its one of the better options right now especially if you prefer simpler betting"
  • πŸ—£οΈ"Can't withdraw less than $50 without paying a fee. Too many better apps."

PointsBet Massachusetts Betting Site Features

All of the top sites offer various features to stand out from the pack. The fact of the matter is that a lot of the features you'll find are increasingly common, but some online sportsbooks do them better than others. Here's what PointsBet Mass does especially well.


The PointsBetting feature is such an integral part of the experience, you may have noticed they named the whole thing after it. Think of it as a high-stakes over/under - every point counts. Suppose you put down a $1 wager for Mac Jones over 220 passing yards. He goes out and throws for 246, you win $1 for each yard over 220 - $26 on a $1 bet. But, if he only throws for 195, that's a loss of $1 for each yard under the target, and that's why they call it gambling -you're out $25. Even with all the myriad different ways to play at DraftKings MA Sportsbook, they can't give you this, it's only at PointsBet.

Live Betting

At this point, having live betting is an industry standard. It's exciting to be able to lock in your wagers at any point and see the betting lines respond to the action on the field of play. And PointsBet is an online sportsbook that supports streaming video to bolster their live betting experience with games from around the world. One piece PointsBet offers that you can't get anywhere else is the ability to lock in a Live Same Game Parlay during NBA games. The live betting at BetWynn isn't bad, but it can't do that for you, and it won't stream.

Name A Bet

Another terrific detail that's exclusive to PointsBet is the Name A Bet feature. If you're combing your favorite betting markets and don't see the option you're looking for, you can tap the "Name A Bet Request Now" and fill out a form. It has to be on a sport PointsBet offers, and at least two hours before the game starts. You'll get an email if they decide to price your bet. It's a nice touch that makes the whole experience feel more personal, and it's not something you can get at Barstool Sportsbook Massachusetts.

PointsBet Rewards Program

PointsBet Rewards is the loyalty program that pays back sports bettors for using their online sportsbook. It's basically a simple idea - you earn Rewards Points every time you play, and you can redeem the points for bet credits. Here's earning Rewards Points breaks down:

Traditional Fixed Odds Betting:1 point for every $5 wagered
Parlay Wagering:1 point for every $1 wagering
PointsBetting wagers:1 point for every $1 won or lost

And when it comes to cashing in, the bet credits amount to a dollar's worth for 100 Rewards Points. They break it down by saying 250 points gets you a $2.50 bet credit, and 100,000 points can get you $1,000 in bet credits.

There are strings attached to the bet credits themselves: you have 30 days to use them, they have to be on fixed odds bets or parlays, and so on. But it's great to see a loyalty program that's built for the online sportsbook bettor and not a brick and mortar casino.

Banking Options for PointsBet Massachusetts Users

The PointsBet Sportsbook app and site make it easy to get your money in and out everywhere they run. It's also worth noting that there are more ways to deposit money than withdraw it, as you probably guess. Here are the many ways to fund your PointsBet account we expect to see in Massachusetts.

    Deposit Methods:

    • πŸ’° Online Banking
    • πŸ’° PayPal
    • πŸ’° ACH/eCheck
    • πŸ’° Credit/Debit Cards (Including PointsBet MasterCard)
    • πŸ’° PayNearMe

    Withdrawal Methods:

    1. πŸ’° Online Banking
    2. πŸ’° ACH/ eCheck
    3. πŸ’° PayPal

    Deposit Time: Deposits tend to be instantaneous, or at least fast enough that the money's there by the time you're looking for it.

    Withdrawal Time: You can expect PointsBet can take up to 2 business days to process a withdrawal request. When the money is released, the time depends on the method of withdrawal. Electronic methods are fastest, eChecks can take an additional five business days.

    While many banks refuse to do business with gambling companies, though this is beginning to change. Stay tuned, as more and more flexible methods of account funding can appear at any time.

    What Can I Bet on at PointsBet Online in Massachusetts?

    There are plenty of online sports betting market choices at PointsBet Sportsbook. If you stick to the biggest betting sports in America, like football or basketball, you're absolutely covered. PointsBet Sportsbook also gives odds on sports without as wide an appeal, such as snooker, table tennis, and Australian Rules Football.

    Popular Bet Types Available at PointsBet Massachusetts

    In addition to their exclusive PointsBetting feature, PointsBet offers all the most popular types of fixed odds wager options to its players.

    Point Spreads

    The most popular of all sports betting options in the US, point spreads refer to the margin of victory that the winning side needs to cover to clear their side of the bet. A point spread that sets New England at -3.5 vs. the Jets means they would have to win by four or more points to cover the bets. On the other hand, Gang Green at +3.5 could lose by as many as three points (or win, perish the thought) and cover the spread.


    A moneyline bet is a straightforward as it gets - just pick a side and if the result you chose wins, so do you. You could pick the New England Revolution at +225 against Charlotte at -105 and a draw at +250.


    An over/under bet, also knows as a totals bet, is a wager on a number set by PointsBet on a result of a sporting event - usually the combined final score of the game. If the Celtics/Raptors game has an over/under of 225 and the final is Celtics 106 Raptors 104, that's a total of 210, so people who bet the under can cash a winner.


    Futures odds are listed on their own menu for results that won't play out over the next few days. When PointsBet Massachusetts goes live on March 10 and you want to wager on the Red Sox chances of making the playoffs, winning the World Series, or other future events well ahead of Opening Day, that's considered a futures bet.


    Combining more than one bet into a single wager is called a parlay, and they're a great way to ramp up the potential payouts of your bets while making the odds skyrocket. You could parlay the Bruins winning on the moneyline, David Pastrnak to score a goal, and the number of goals scored by the end of the 2nd being an even number, if you wanted to build a Same Game Parlay around the B's.

    Software at PointsBet Massachusetts

    The PointsBet software is a real strength of the brand. From the layout of both the website and mobile app, to the speed and stability, you're in for an easy to use and responsive experience that handles your transactions efficiently. PointsBet acquired a software company a few years ago that runs its own sports betting algorithms, so you won't see their betting odds in other places. The real treat is the way that PointsBet seems to be working on new features at all times to set itself apart from the rest of the field.

    Stay Safe at the Massachusetts PointsBet Sportsbook

    Keeping your PointsBet account secure is a shared responsibility. As part of being licensed by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, there are certain hoops PointsBet has to jump through to maintain its ability to take wagers in state. That includes end to end secure connections and data encryption that rivals banks and other financial institutions.

    Then there's your part of it. Don't share your account with anyone else. Hold down a password that's easy for you to remember but hard for anyone else to guess. You can (and should) also enable strong authentication as a matter of protection.

    How to Contact PointsBet Sportsbook in Massachusetts

    If something goes wrong, or you just need a question answered, PointsBet has what you need. You can start with their Help section, which has plenty of answers to the most common questions. But if you need to contact a support rep, there are plenty of ways to do that too.

    • πŸ“ž Phone: 312.800.8716
    • πŸ“§ Email: [email protected]
    • 🐦 Twitter: @PointsBetUSA

    There's also a live chat feature you can access through the PointsBet mobile app.

    PointsBet Massachusetts SportsbookΒ  vs. Other Sportsbooks in Massachusetts

    PointsBet comes to Massachusetts with a solid track record, first in its homeland of Australia and more recently in the states, where it has been running since it first opened in November of 2020. The exclusive features are where it stands out the strongest, but it has plenty of other strengths that make it easy to recommend.

    • Exclusive PointsBetting feature puts extra emphasis on every moment of a game.
    • Some of the most reliable software ensures odds remain competitive in even the most intense live betting situations.

    We're especially interested in how PointsBet will eventually compare to Fanatics Sportsbook, which is also coming to Massachusetts. It has yet to launch anywhere, but has a ton of money behind it and brought in some of the industry thought leaders. PointsBet has the head start, but we're looking forward to seeing where this all goes.

    Comparing PointsBet Massachusetts Promo to Other Sportsbooks

    In case you hadn't noticed, there's more than one game in town, so let's see how the PointsBet promo code stacks up to some of the other offers we're expecting to see.

    PointsBet Mass Promo Code vs. Barstool Sportsbook

    Depending on your play style, the Barstool Sportsbook Massachusetts promo for new users may be more appealing to you. They commonly offer a refund in sportsbook cash equal to the amount of your first bet, up to $1000. Both operators give bettors 30 days to use their bonus funds, so it mostly becomes a matter of whether you want to make a relatively large bet or several smaller ones. Obviously one house has a bigger limit overall, but that may or may not appeal to your tastes. That's assuming the brand appeals to your tastes to begin with.

    PointsBet Mass Promo Code vs. BallyBet

    When you measure the PointsBet welcome bonus against other online sports betting operators, you can really get a sense of what they're offering and how it fits into the greater landscape. For instance, the details around Massachusetts customers have yet to be announced, but the Bally Bet Massachusetts bonus gives players in Arizona first bet match of up to $250. A bet match and bet credits may sound like apples and oranges, but one may be of more value to you than the other. You'll want to comb the terms and conditions to truly understand requirements and time limits around any bonus bets or other credits.

    Pros & Cons of PointsBet Online

    βœ”οΈ Easy to navigate and place wagers❌ PointsBetting may be too risky for newbies
    βœ”οΈ Exclusive PointsBetting wager system truly exciting❌ Could use more promos for regulars
    βœ”οΈ Innovating new exclusives regularly

    Responsible Gambling at PointsBet Massachusetts

    The PointsBet homepage can bring you to its page on responsible gambling, which can help you determine if you need any of the measures it has taken to prevent problem gambling. These include setting limits on deposits or time, and ways to ensure you take a break from PoinstBet. You can take a short cooling off period or a longer period of self-exclusion, which will last a year at minimum.

    If you think you may have a gambling problem, please contact the National Council on Problem Gambling or the Massachusetts Council on Gaming and Health.

    Our Final Conclusion of this Massachusetts PointsBet Sportsbook Review

    It all boils down to PointsBet Sportsbook being an excellent choice for your taking your sports bets. From the healthy welcome bonus to the innovate exclusive features and top notch software, there's a lot to like about PointsBet. It's hard to recommend the PointsBetting for novice sports gamblers, and there may not be enough running promotions. If you're looking for more consistently offered promos while still offering a strong live betting experience, the FanDuel Massachusetts promo code might be worth looking at.

    PointsBet Massachusetts Sportsbook FAQ


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