Massachusetts Sets Dubious Mark In Loneliest States On Valentine's Ranking

At, we decided to look at which states across the U.S. are the loneliest on Valentine’s Day and looking to find potential suitors. Unfortunately for Massachusetts residents, the state came in at No. 1, leaving us to wonder what exactly is going on in The Bay State. 

How did we collect our data? Rest assured, you won't find data like this at BetMGM bonus code Massachusetts when it goes live. We utilized Google Trends to look at what states were searching for the most popular dating apps “Tinder,” “Bumble” and “Hinge” on Feb. 14 the past three years. After averaging out the data, we were able to finalize the rankings for “Loneliest States on Valentine’s Day.”

According to Aging in Place, loneliness can be defined as the “dissatisfaction with one’s life, including social connections and life expectations.”

Our take? Massachusetts ranks low because Boston is considered a lonely city. Researchers with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce recently looked at 170 cities with a population of at least 150,000 and the number of one-person households over a 5-year period to see if singles were hooking up and moving in with each other ... or staying apart.

Unsurprisingly, Washington D.C. came in as most lonely (sorry to all those politicians and lobbyists), with Boston ranked No. 30. But Boston is worse for women: 23.1% of Boston women live by themselves as opposed to only 15.3% of Boston men. 

Researchers also said that Boston appears to be getting lonelier, with the 5-year period seeing a 6% increase in single-person residences.

While we typically stick to reviews of Massachusetts sportsbooks here, we hope these findings can help state residents find some compatibility in the year to come.

Loneliest States On Valentine's Day

RankStateDating App Interest on Feb. 14 Ranking*
6New York18.7

Uphill Battle In Mass

Loneliness is such a big problem in Massachusetts that the AARP helped form the Massachusetts Taskforce to End Loneliness & Build Community

Its mission: “To ensure all residents of the Commonwealth feel connected to their community and enjoy a strong sense of social well-being. We do this by mobilizing local organizations, thought leaders, and other partners to join forces and use our collective resources and ingenuity for maximum impact.”

But where one organization sees loneliness, another sees opportunity. 

Solitaire Bliss, a website for folks who enjoy playing online cards by themselves, says that Boston, Quincy and Waltham are great Massachusetts cities for lonely singles on Valentine’s Day because ... there are so many lonely singles.

So, if all the singles go out on Valentine’s Day, maybe next year Massachusetts won’t be so lonely. 

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