Cheapest Massachusetts City for Date Night

While Massachusetts sports betting has arrived, don't forget that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Since this celebration of love is pending, we wanted to look into how much it really costs to go on a date in each Massachusetts city, year-round.

To find out what this looked like for each city, BetMassachusetts reviewed Numbeo data, collecting the average cost of a meal, a bottle of wine, the starting price of a cab, and the cost of a three-mile cab trip overall. Now that we’ve analyzed the data, which Massachusetts cities are the cheapest (and the priciest) to schmooze your beloved? 

Find out below.

The Cheapest & Most Expensive Cities for Date Night

We analyzed and compared the cost of a meal out, a bottle of wine for an evening in, and cab fares across each location, and now we can reveal Massachusetts’ five cheapest date night cities. 

Cheapest Dating City Is...

Taking the crown for the cheapest city to date in for Valentine’s Day is Lowell, where you’ll spend an average of $75.75 overall for a night out with your crush. We'd say that might go farther with your significant other than a wager at BetMGM Sportsbook Massachusetts.

In Lowell, it costs just $40 for a romantic meal for two lovebirds, which is $28 less than the average cost of a meal for two in the US (around $68). And when cities like Cambridge are charging a whopping $80 for a meal for two, there’s no denying that Lowell is the place to take your beloved this year.

One thing that startled us, though, is the cost of a bottle of wine here, which costs $20 for a bottle from a local Lowell store. And even though Lowell is the cheapest dating city in Massachusetts on average, a three-mile cab ride equals to $15.75, which is the highest cost out of all eight cities surveyed!
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Salem Is The Second Cheapest Dating City

For a $50 meal for two, head to Salem, the city with one of the lowest cab starting prices in Massachusetts ($3) and an average date night costing only $76.

Dinner for both you and your beloved will cost around $50 here, which is well below the average of $68.

A bottle of wine in Salem will cost $14, which may be $6 cheaper than Lowell ($20), but it’s still worth getting your fancy clothes ready for date night.

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Burlington is Another Affordable Spot

Up next came Burlington, one of the best Massachusetts cities to take your date year-round, with all of the top factors like a cab ride, meal for two, and bottle of wine averaging out at just $85.50 for the two of you overall. When Valentine’s Day swings around, Burlington will be pricier than usual (of course), but with the average cost of a meal for you and your beaux costing a small $60.

In Burlington you’ll pay the least for a bottle of wine from a store nearby, too, costing $12 — so a date night in could be on the cards, too. But come on, with these prices you’d be silly not to venture out for a romantic evening in this wonderfully affordable Massachusetts city.

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Springfield Offers Affordable Cab Rides

Coming in fourth place was the city of Springfield, where first daters (or long-lasting couples) looking to dine out on Feb. 14 will lay out an average of $89.50 overall.

A loved-up dinner for two will average out at around $65 here, with a bottle of wine costing $14 at the store. Plus, you’ll only be spending $7.50 for an average three-mile cab ride in this eastern bank city, which starts at just $3. 

If you’re not too far from Springfield, this spot is a winner for an affordable, romantic meal and getaway car! 

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It Costs the Same For Daters in Worcester and Wakefield

Worcester is one of the pricier cities for a date, alongside the bustling city of Wakefield, with dinner in both of these cities costing an average of $67.50 for a meal for two.

Worcester will set you back around $90 overall for a night filled with romance, when considering the cab fare, a meal for two and the cost of a bottle of wine. And if you’re heading to Wakefield on a date, it will cost you $2 more overall ($92).

However, if you’re looking to spend the night in with your crush, Worcester is the better option, with a bottle of wine costing only $12 — which is the lowest price of all Massachusetts cities surveyed, aside from Burlington, which was the same price.

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Cambridge is the Second Most Expensive City For a Date

If you were considering Cambridge as the city for your Valentine’s Day date, you might want to think again. 

Here, dinner for two on a normal day will cost you a startling $80, and a bottle of wine comes out at $13.50. More importantly, you’ll be spending a staggering $104.85 on average for an evening with the apple of your eye — ouch!

And knowing Valentine’s Day prices, this is likely to jump in price quite considerably.

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Boston Takes The Crown As the Most Expensive Dating City

Costing a whopping average of $122.50 for a date, Boston wins the title as the most expensive dating city in Massachusetts overall. Popping into a local store for a bottle of wine will set you back by $15.50, and the average meal for two jumps right up to $95. 

Considering this data is based on the average cost of a date outside of Valentine’s Day, you can bet that these prices will soar when the 14th comes around!

A three-mile cab ride with your better half might see you spending $12, but this is actually cheaper than Lowell ($15.75), which is odd considering that is the cheapest dating city. 

So, it’s worth weighing up where you’ll be travelling to, and how long for, when you’re venturing to and from your chosen dating spot.

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Sourced from Numbeo, all data acquired is accurate as of January 2023, and represents the average cost of a restaurant meal out for two, a bottle of store-bought wine, cab starting costs, and a three-mile cab fare in each Massachusetts location. Costs in each city are subject to increase over Valentine’s Day. 

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